The Incomparable Miss Compton Uncommon Courtships Book 2

Edwards and Williams #ad - So why is it that the season’s greatest matrimonial catch, lord Breckonridge, has at last decided to take a bride, comes calling on Sarah instead?Renowned statesman Malcolm, Lord Breckonridge, a woman of intellect and substance who can help him further his Parliamentary career. With her practical nature and strong convictions, Sarah is perfect.

She and her husband of more than 25 years reside in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. I. From award-winning author Regina Scott comes a tale of intrigue and romance. Plain and penniless, sarah Compton knows her worth lies in her ability to care for her volatile young cousin Persephone. When a danger from his past threatens them both, can Malcolm open himself up to love and persuade Sarah that she is the only Incomparable Miss Compton for him?This sweet traditional Regency romance was originally published by Kensington Zebra.

The Incomparable Miss Compton Uncommon Courtships Book 2 #ad - Regina scott delivers another solid romantic tale. That ought to have been enough to cause the most ardent campaigner to desist, but she did not seem to be affected by it. His peers would laugh themselves sick. As he had not had time to form any affections, and she was not in the lady’s league in looks, he threw the idea off as preposterous.


The Irredeemable Miss Renfield Uncommon Courtships Book 3

Edwards and Williams #ad - You do have a plan, don’t you?”His dark eyes were narrowed with obvious confusion. Forever Loves. Surely he would understand. Yes, leslie, ” she admitted. To fend off her sisters’ attempts at matchmaking, she convinces her old friend, Lord Hastings, to pretend to a courtship. He was as game as he’d always been, but she could not shake the feeling that the playmate of her youth was gone.

. She could not recall being so acutely aware of how tall he was, and how tiny she felt beside him with her head near his chest. I have a plan. She shook her head again. Cleo?” he pulled on her arm so that she must face him. Nor imagine how it might feel to rest her head against his chest and feel his arms around her.

The Irredeemable Miss Renfield Uncommon Courtships Book 3 #ad - As his friendship with cleo blossoms into something more, can he convince her to stay in London and make their false courtship a true love?This sweet traditional Regency romance was originally published by Kensington. An enjoyable, feel-good romp. The romance reader connection Excerpt“I will not introduce you to that woman, ” Cleo declared.

I am supposed to be attaching your regard for myself. And a tremendous job you are doing too, ” Leslie replied.


The Unwilling Miss Watkin Uncommon Courtships Book 4

Edwards and Williams #ad - She forced herself to drop her hold and stand tall. The pressure of his lips sent her stomach crashing back down again. He was real. He was back in London. He knew everything about her and had once shown himself black enough that he just might share it. Faced with such dire circumstances, she did the only thing a lady could do.

Now he claims to want her forgiveness. This sweet traditional Regency romance was originally published by Kensington. He strode to her side but did not bother to bow again. Good evening, Miss Watkin, ” he said. Alone, she wrapped one arm about her waist. The warmth of his breath touched her through the silk of her long gloves.

The Unwilling Miss Watkin Uncommon Courtships Book 4 #ad - When jareth walked away, he took her heart with him. When scandal once more threatens, can jareth convince the unwilling Miss Watkin that she has tamed him, once and for all?Recommended in The Idiot’s Guide to The Ultimate Reading List under the previous title of Utterly Devoted. Uncommon Courtships. Moving inexorably toward her was her phantom.

. What only a few know is that Jareth and Eloise had a secret romance years ago.


The Unflappable Miss Fairchild Uncommon Courtships Book 1

Edwards and Williams #ad - Anne swallowed her fear and clutched the curricle’s sideboard so hard her knuckles stood out of her grey kid leather gloves. Just a little farther, Angel, ” he called over the roar of the wind. I thought you were made of stronger stuff. So why is it one moment in the presence of the dashing Chas Prestwick, and she’s ready to throw propriety to the wind?The black sheep of the family, Chas excels at shocking Society with his wild wagers and reckless carriage racing.

I believe the ton would agree that you have no virtue left on which to stake a claim. Chas only laughed at the comment and urged the horses on. Anne shook the hair out of her face. We were well nigh onto breaking it when the wheel came off. Where do we stand now?” she asked. Anne watched terrified as the ground seemed to hurtle toward her.

The Unflappable Miss Fairchild Uncommon Courtships Book 1 #ad - Relax and enjoy the ride. Relax? had he lost his mind? they whipped past a drayman’s wagon with inches to spare, the neighs of his frightened horses echoing behind them. Scott's appealing characters will win your heart. Rt book reviewsexcerptshe’d heard that some members of the ton raced their carriages for sport, but she’d had no idea that a carriage could go so fast.

Face burning, she scrambled away from him to the other side of the curricle.


My True Love Gave to Me The Marvelous Munroes Book 1

Edwards and Williams #ad - Geoffrey pentercast, decayed leaves, trailing mud, clumped into the entry, looking much as Gen remembered in his many-caped brown-tweed greatcoat, and a six-foot log in his wake. Thought you wouldn’t have a proper Yule Log, ” he announced, dragging the massive stump by a chain into the center of the entry.

We haven’t had a yule log in years, allison?”“yule Logs are such quaint customs, have we, ” her sister Allison said with a sniff, “for children. I like to think there’s still some of the child in all of us, Miss Munroe, ” a deeper voice said from the doorway. Her first thought was that he was very different from what she remembered, but she wasn’t sure what had changed.

My True Love Gave to Me The Marvelous Munroes Book 1 #ad - Like his brother, he still had the shaggy thatch of brown hair that defied combing and the dark brown eyes that seemed to sparkle with some secret. Unlike the dress his mother wore, the outfit was obviously no copy. But perhaps the joy of christmas can open her eyes to the man behind the wager, a man determined to turn the twelve days of Christmas into a lifetime of love.

Book 1 in the marvelous munroes series, this sweet, clean traditional Regency romance was originally published as The Twelve Days of Christmas by Zebra Regency. Readers have called it wonderful, funny, and charming, a great book to read over the holidays, or any time you’re in the holiday spirit. Here’s a little taste:“clear the way, ” an annoyed voice demanded, Mother, and Mrs.

He moved with a negligent grace she’d only seen on London dance floors.


The Marquis' Kiss The Marvelous Munroes Book 3

Edwards and Williams #ad - Miss munroe’s unlooked for devotion was so kind, he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. He pushed the painful thought away. I’m an Original. Yet he felt absurdly pleased with himself. Perhaps there was something to be said for Margaret Munroe’s insistence on living in the moment. Are you free next friday, around three?”She was staring again, but this time she appeared to be in shock.

He had used the gesture any number of times with other ladies to show appreciation. Tagline: the marvelous munroes: What could be more marvelous than falling in love?“Regina Scott delivers another winning romance. He stopped their walk and bowed to her. You underestimate yourself, madam, ” he told her truthfully.

The Marquis' Kiss The Marvelous Munroes Book 3 #ad - Her fans will be thrilled by this latest release, and so will you!” Affaire de Coeur“Ms. The rumors would do his reputation, and Miss Munroe’s, little good. She must have seen the stares as well for she gave his arm a reassuring squeeze. But such a paragon would never look at an impoverished miss who’s been dubbed an Original for her unorthodox ways.

No one in regency london would guess that the outspoken Margaret Munroe hides a secret: she is hopelessly in love with the dashing Marquis DeGuis. He wasn’t ready for another courtship, but he could not allow the gossips to say he had been using Miss Munroe, as would undoubtedly happen if he did not further their acquaintance.


The Heiress Objective Spy Matchmaker Book 3

Edwards and Williams #ad - Whattling and me alone for a time, ” she said to her retainer, if you please, who looked surprisingly stunned for one whose profession required an impassive front. When a danger from kevin’s past threatens them both, they must trust each other to win a love far greater than any fortune. This sweet traditional Regency romance was originally published as The Bluestocking on His Knee by Zebra.

Finalist, booksellers Best Award“A very entertaining story with a fresh approach. Rendezvous“A quirky, charming novel. Numbers on the spine blogHere’s a taste:She would accept nothing less than complete honesty. I have been told I could have any woman in England. He admired her for it. When charming corinthian Kevin Whattling does just that, she is stunned.

The Heiress Objective Spy Matchmaker Book 3 #ad - Every feeling, every thought flashed across that expressive face. In short, miss eugennia Welch, I intend to marry you. He knew it was a bold statement, eyes wide, but the lady before him froze and stared at him, and he had a sudden sinking feeling he had overplayed his hand. He claims to have admired her for some time, but only came forward now because he must marry an heiress to discharge his debts.

He made himself remain still, waiting.


An Uncommon Christmas: A Prequel Novella to the Uncommon Courtships Series

Edwards and Williams #ad - He had graduated, then gone on to additional studies, then teaching. Can that tiny creature, and the wonder of christmas, prove that true love never fades, and hearts once closed can be opened anew?This sweet traditional Regency romance novella was originally published by Kensington in the Mistletoe Kittens anthology.

I should at least apologize. You will only embarrass the girl further, ” his father had assured him. His father claimed she was nothing but a fortune hunter. One month had piled onto the next and before he knew it, ten years had passed. You are young, Justinian. He was the earl now; he should demand an explanation.

An Uncommon Christmas: A Prequel Novella to the Uncommon Courtships Series #ad - I daresay she ran off when she realized you were taking her far too seriously. We had an understanding. His father had put a hand on his shoulder. Surely this would not have been enough to scare his brave Norrie. Return to university. Prequel to the unflappable Miss Fairchild, featuring other characters from the Uncommon Courtships series.

Library journal says, children, holiday hijinks, “Brimming with kittens, and love. I don’t believe you.


The June Bride Conspiracy The Spy Matchmaker Book 2

Edwards and Williams #ad - He never sent that note. Moonlight bathed him in silver, cast his features in sharp relief. Then the light had snuffed out. Do you wish their names for references?”He started laughing, and her hackles came down. Yet, is it an old enemy or an old friend causing the mischief? can a little espionage unmask hidden hearts in time for a June wedding?Second book in the Spy Matchmaker series after The Husband Mission, this sweet Regency romance is an expanded version of a novella originally published by Kensington in His Blushing Bride.

He drew her into the shelter of his arms, pressed a kiss against her lips, and the rest of the world faded away. All at once, he straightened, arms tightening protectively around her. What is it?” Joanna asked. He set her back from him. But it struck me that perhaps I had jumped to an unwarranted conclusion.

The June Bride Conspiracy The Spy Matchmaker Book 2 #ad - But when a note arrives cancelling the wedding, Joanna vows that she will be married in June, no matter the cost. England’s top intelligence agent Allister Fenwick, Lord Trevithan, is shocked when Joanna demands an explanation. I can see that even now in your mother, and I envy you. Because you were nearly an orphan, ” she surmised, remembering what he’d told her.

That and the fact that you have others you can rely on.


Catch of the Season The Marvelous Munroes Book 2

Edwards and Williams #ad - But every young lady of proper family is expected to have a Season. What is so important that it brings you all the way to London?”“Concern for you, and despite all his efforts, ” Geoffrey replied, his deep voice came out entirely too much like a caress. You can’t know how happy I am to hear you say that.

He hurried on, intent on making his case. You have no reason to do that. She blinked, freezing as she had when she’d first seen him. He squeezed her tiny hand in his much larger grip. I know your fondness for dancing. Are you in love with this marquis? has he offered? Am I too late?”The Marvelous Munroes: What is more marvelous than falling in love?

Catch of the Season The Marvelous Munroes Book 2 #ad - You don’t need it. Allison shook her head, frown deepening. I’ve missed you, Allison. She brightened as if his words had lit a candle inside her. What’s wrong?” he asked. Nothing, ” she said, fidgeting. I just want you to know, Allison, that you needn’t go through all this. Allison pulled her hand back, frowning.


Never Marry a Marquess Fortune's Brides Book 6

Edwards and Williams #ad - Yet she knew love could grow. Fine lines fanned out from his eyes. Was it right to accept when she felt no joy? was it wrong to accept for her family’s sake?As if determined to protect her, Fortune the cat stalked out from behind the couch, put her paws on Lord Kendall’s knee, and glared up at him, tail swishing.

Ivy leaned back. That love had only expanded with the births of Daisy and Tuny. My heart, once given, does not easily give again. How extraordinary. Can you give me no hope of one someday?”His eyes dipped at the corners. Twice in the last month he had come to her aid—once by taking her in secret to see her brother box for the prince and once by helping her find Petunia when her sister had disappeared.

Never Marry a Marquess Fortune's Brides Book 6 #ad - She certainly never expected the wealthy Marquess of Kendall to propose marriage, especially a marriage of convenience. Fortune paced back and forth in front of him, tail in the air, ears tight, back up, as if challenging him to combat. He returned to the chair and sat. She could do no less. I am not declining, ” she told him.

When an old enemy strikes at Miss Thorn and all her ladies, a grieving lord and a shy lady must work together to save the day. Sequel to Never Kneel to a Knight.