Her Professor Mate: Seasoned Shifters #4

13th Story Press #ad - But the curvy middle school teacher can’t forget his bizarre behavior at a party several years ago. Will the two manage to restrain themselves? Or will Mac finally profess his love?Experience Required. As her mysterious dreams grow more frequent, Parker begins to see things in the shadows that shouldn’t be there.

Her teacher mateher lawyer MateHer Doctor MateHer Professor Mate. And parker’s got problems of her own, problems that seem to defy the natural order of the universe. She’s always been a light-hearted person, but it’s beginning to feel like the world is closing in. When a horse-ride through the darkening woods turns into an impromptu camping trip, Parker and Mac are thrown together.

Her Professor Mate: Seasoned Shifters #4 #ad - And since he has to keep his wolf-shifter identity secret, he can’t explain what was going on that night. Macgregor is the beta of the Tarker’s Hollow pack. A second chance at a shifter romance. J. D. It’s hard to deny the strange happenings around them, and even harder to deny the attraction between them.


Her Doctor Mate: Seasoned Shifters #3

13th Story Press #ad - But she finds herself unable to refuse an opportunity to spend more time with the sexy doctor. Addison sparrow is head over heels for Dr. He knows that only Addison can fill the emptiness in his heart and bed. Stevenson keep playing it cool? Or will his desire for Addison push the bubbling tension between them to the boiling point?Experience Required.

But from the moment he lays eyes on grad student Addison, the rest of his life feels meaningless. Will Dr. As the events of the season throw them together, Addison and Ryan must put on a cheerful face for Grandma Stevenson, even as their close contact throws them into a tsunami of temptation. Ryan stevenson has a dream career and a house to match.

Her Doctor Mate: Seasoned Shifters #3 #ad - Stevenson, but he seems to deliberately ignore the electricity between them. When his grandmother unexpectedly arrives in town for Thanksgiving week, Addison is shocked that Ryan asks her to pretend to be his fiancée. If you like wolves, magic, strong women, you’re going to love Seasoned Shifters, and alphas with experience, set in the steamy shifter world of Tarker’s Hollow.

Her teacher mateher lawyer MateHer Doctor MateHer Professor Mate. By day he saves lives at Springton Hospital. Dr. When ryan's dying grandmother asks if there is anyone special in his life, he accidentally spills the beans about his newfound love, but doesn't mention the fact that his intended mate isn’t aware of his feelings.


Her Lawyer Mate: Seasoned Shifters #2

13th Story Press #ad - Her teacher mateher lawyer MateHer Doctor MateHer Professor Mate. But their greatest temptation is each other. Wolf shifter hector thayer is a top lawyer at his small firm in Tarker’s Hollow. A driven and passionate man, good friends, Hector has nearby family, and pro bono work to keep his every moment occupied.

If only she could convince her libido he’s not the one for her. If he can convince her to accept his role in the pack he might find the happiness he’s always longed for. She longs for a simple life of service. But when hector meets his mate, it begins to feel like the rest of his carefully curated life was all just an elaborate holding pattern.

Her Lawyer Mate: Seasoned Shifters #2 #ad - Mei cohen is lost in lust with Hector Thayer. The crazy things he does to her body keep her crawling back for more, even when she most wants to let go. When a mysterious stalker comes after Mei in the home where she is staying, Hector is desperate to stake his claim. And though mei has never relied on a man to protect her, she allows Hector to get closer than she ever meant to.

. Experience Required. If you like wolves, strong women, and alphas with experience, magic, you’re going to love Seasoned Shifters, set in the steamy shifter world of Tarker’s Hollow.


Her Teacher Mate: A Seasoned Shifters Novel

13th Story Press #ad - If you like wolves, you’re going to love Seasoned Shifters, and alphas with experience, strong women, magic, set in the steamy shifter world of Tarker’s Hollow. It has been significantly rewritten and republished for your enjoyment. But an unexpected encounter with him alone in the woods sends her quiet new life into a tailspin, putting Bianca in the path of grave danger and showing her a depth of longing and pleasure she never imagined was possible.

With bianca by his side, Ian has everything he ever dreamed of. There was just one problem – he was a brand-new high school teacher, and she was a top student. A sizzling hot teacher burning for the one thing he can’t have, a student with a forbidden fantasy that’s more than just a crush, and an enemy determined to keep them apart… Ten years ago, Ian Anderson met the woman he instantly knew was meant to be his mate.

Her Teacher Mate: A Seasoned Shifters Novel #ad - . But loving her isn’t as easy as he thought it would be. She’s never gotten over her inexplicably intense yearning for Mr. Though he ached to protect bianca and was desperate to take her as his mate, he knew she was still too young for him to stake his claim. So ian did the only thing he could – he walked away - from his job, and his forbidden desire.

Now bianca silver is back in Tarker’s Hollow to do her graduate research. Her teacher mate*her lawyer mateher doctor MateHer Professor Mate*Her Teacher Mate was originally published as Wise Sass Mates.


Patrick Silverback Redemption Book 2

#ad - When a vehicle pulls up behind them and a handsome stranger taps on the window, single mom Kelly has no idea how her life is about to change. What kelly is about to discover is that her new life is missing one thing, a bear shifter for a mate. But things do not run smoothly. Kelly’s reason for starting over is her son, Danny, who has become a shadow of himself since he witnessed a tragic accident.

Patrick found both in the middle of a storm. And being born in the back of a truck, is not the way they want to welcome the new baby into the world. Then, fate steps in. A large fallen tree is blocking the route to Kelly’s new home and new life in Bear Creek. There is no room in her life for romance with a stranger.

Patrick Silverback Redemption Book 2 #ad - Or is there? However, a downed tree might just stop them getting to the hospital. A silverback seasoned shifters romanceA mate and family are everything to a bear shifter. Her son is her sole responsibility and she intends to support him in any way she can. She hopes the move will help Danny put the past behind him.

It’s an emergency since Sadie is in labor and not even a raging storm can stop her baby being born. He intends to win their hearts at all costs.


Haunted Alien Honeymoon: Stargazer Alien Reality Show Brides #3

13th Story Press #ad - Can she resist an alien with animal magnetism?Wayne is still new to this planet, but he is already wildly in love with reality show host Olivia Fontaine. But she can’t let herself fall for Wayne when she’s so close to fulfilling her dreams. If only the big alien weren’t so unbelievably sexy. When their on-location honeymoon shoot in beautiful Costa Rica seems to be under siege from paranormal forces, Olivia is eager for support from any source.

The big, hunky alien is determined to keep his secret powers under wraps and stay on Olivia's good side so that he won’t miss his chance to win her over. Olivia fontaine has spent most of her career in front of the camera, when what she really wants is to get behind it. He spends plenty of time with her, since she’s hosting a series of shows about his brothers’ double wedding and honeymoon - but he can never seem to get her alone to tell her how he feels.

Haunted Alien Honeymoon: Stargazer Alien Reality Show Brides #3 #ad - Will she let wayne get close enough to help her make her dreams come true? or will they both be haunted by what could have been?If you like strong women, wild adventures, sexy aliens, steamy sensual scenes, and happily-ever-afters, then you’ll love the world of Stargazer:Stargazer Alien Reality Brides:-So You Think You Can Marry an Alien-My Big Fat Alien Wedding-Haunted Alien Honeymoon .

Her two best friends already married alien brothers on the shows she’s hosted, and it feels like everyone’s waiting for Olivia and brother number three to get together. She’s finally on the production team of her current project, and she couldn’t be happier. If only her personal life were as rosy.


My Big Fat Alien Wedding: Stargazer Alien Reality Show Brides #2

13th Story Press #ad - His heart aches, his pulse throbs, and all the love songs and chick flicks of Earth suddenly make perfect sense to the sexy alien. Ruby is planning an amazing reality show wedding for her best friend, but can’t help getting weak-kneed every time the groom’s brother is around. What happens to the wedding planner if things don’t go according to plan?Parker never understood the concept of Earth love until he met Ruby.

The only challenge is to hide her attraction from the cameras at all costs - after all, they are supposed to be planning Margot’s big day!But when Ruby’s old high school crush conveniently arrives on the scene to star on the show as her co-wedding-planner, things get complicated quickly. When parker offers to help ruby so she can bring the wedding off in just one week, Ruby is eager to spend more time with the hunky alien.

My Big Fat Alien Wedding: Stargazer Alien Reality Show Brides #2 #ad - It seems to parker that the producers have something specific in mind when it comes to Ruby’s future. Now he’s head over heels for his brother’s curvy wedding planner. But even with interplanetary relations in the balance, steamy sensual scenes, and happily-ever-afters, wild adventures, sexy aliens, how is he supposed to keep his mouth shut and watch her fall for another man?If you like strong women, then you’ll love the world of Stargazer:Stargazer Alien Reality Brides:-So You Think You Can Marry an Alien-My Big Fat Alien Wedding-Haunted Alien Honeymoon.


So You Think You Can Marry an Alien: Stargazer Alien Reality Show Brides #1 Intergalactic Dating Agency

13th Story Press #ad - And it doesn’t help that the star of the show is the most achingly gorgeous man she’s ever seen. Kent and his brothers have traveled from planet Aerie to Earth to take human females as mates and pleasure them into unbreakable interplanetary relations. Pursued by personal trainers, Margot takes an opportunity to duck out of sight.

But she realizes she may have gone from the frying pan into the fire when she finds out that she’s “hiding” on the set of the hot new reality show that’s captured the imagination of the entire planet. As part of the project, kent agrees to star on a reality show, meant to let humans see how relatable aliens are.

So You Think You Can Marry an Alien: Stargazer Alien Reality Show Brides #1 Intergalactic Dating Agency #ad - Love like you have nothing to lose…margot Lane thought she had an exciting life - plenty of fans, lots of money, and even her dream role on a hit TV show. When he meets a mysterious young woman, he begins to understand the pent-up cravings and desperate demands of his new human body. Can margot keep her identity under wraps when the cameras are on? or will kent help her do everything she thinks she can’t?If you like strong women, sexy aliens, and happily-ever-afters, steamy sensual scenes, wild adventures, then you’ll love the world of Stargazer:Stargazer Alien Reality Brides:-So You Think You Can Marry an Alien-My Big Fat Alien Wedding-Haunted Alien Honeymoon .

But when she busts out of the most expensive and exclusive celebrity fat camp on the east coast, things really get interesting.


Guardians Boxset Books 1-3

#ad - When realization strikes that the fiery Kaitlyn belongs to him, he must not only battle his past demons, but fight his desire to claim her or chance killing them both. Handed a dagger as a child, Kaitlyn has slaughtered demons her entire life. I admit to having a bit of a thing for the sensual and brooding Marcus.

When he witnesses Lileta being beaten by his Overlord Odage, he comes unglued. When the demon’s rebellious nature brings about a brutal punishment, Caleb steps in and takes her as his own. The book had twists/turns, intrigue, drama, emotions and romance. Without understanding why, he asks to take Lileta as his own, but soon realizes his longing is more than an attraction to a beautiful woman.

Guardians Boxset Books 1-3 #ad - To protect herself means losing him. To save him will mean the ultimate sacrifice. Dragon’s fate:caleb is dark, hot, and commanding in human form. Problem is, he’s a figment of her wild imagination, at least until he steps into her life for real. It should come as no surprise that she is also destined to save a crazy vampire.

Complex and dramatic, the storyline is well written and gripping. He is a delicious alpha male hero. The story was well written, with an engaging storyline and interesting secondary characters.


Braxx: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides Intergalactic Dating Agency

Cara Bristol #ad - Can a heartbreak be too deep for love to fix? With females in short supply on his planet, he heads for Earth through the Intergalactic Dating Agency. The instant he meets holly Hansen, his horns begin to throb, and he realizes she’s the ONE. She’s given up on love, but love hasn’t given up on her…If there’s anything Holly Hansen has learned it’s that falling for a persuasive charmer is a sure path to a broken heart.

His fated Mate. Everything about the smoking-hot alien, reminds her of her ex: his good looks, his confidence, Braxx, his persistence. But he didn’t come this far to give up easily, and he hopes that with patience and baby steps, he’ll win her heart. Just when it seems he’ll succeed, Holly’s past comes back to haunt them.

Braxx: Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides Intergalactic Dating Agency #ad - He can’t wait to settle down with her and make beautiful babies together. It happened when her fiancé abandoned her just when she needed him most. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to recognize they’re meant to be together. He won’t take no for an answer and shows up night after night at the restaurant where she works.

It’s enough to wear a girl down, make her doubt her convictions, maybe hope that love can conquer the heartbreak of the past…Dakonian Braxx is a simple man with simple needs: find a good woman and have a big family.


Gunner Silverback Redemption Book 1

#ad - A mate in need of revenge. Something called to Gunner. Something he could not describe. Could he protect his mate from harm, even if that harm was self-inflicted?They’d killed her friend and mentor. Sadie couldn’t get the image of Professor Augustine, lying in a pool of his own blood, out of her head. Not that Sadie did walk into his life.

They said one thing and meant another. But when she was with Gunner, everything made sense. Sadie had accepted she would always be alone. Gunner had long stopped hoping she would walk into his life. A bear shifter in need of redemption. A need to go into the mountains. He’d heeded the call even though he had no idea what he’d find.

Gunner Silverback Redemption Book 1 #ad - She crawled, on all fours, determined to get down off the mountain and avenge the death of her friend. But gunner knew revenge led to ruin and death. Certainly, he’d never expected to find his mate. People confused her. No matter how dangerous it was she had to avenge his death and bring those responsible to justice.

But who could she trust?should she believe in the man—bear—who had found her in the mountains? Should she believe him when he calls her mate and tells her they are meant to be together forever?It all seems impossible.